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Some basic things you need to take with you when you are going to a trip

1.You have to figure out how much money you will need, and take some extra cash just in case.

2.If you're going to a trip alone, don't forget to tell anyone where you are heading to and where is your final destination.Also leave your friend a phone number so they can call you if any problem occur.

3. You will need to take with you  a first aid kit.

4.Some warm clothes and some extra food and water supplies.

5.GPS or some kind of navigation will be very useful if you're going on a journey by yourself.

6.If you're going with a car you'll have to check it's oil, tires, brakes etc.

Have you got any ideas to share? 

сряда, 1 февруари 2012 г.

Visiting London ?

Big Ben in London Source: favim.com
Why?  England's historic capital was the centre of the British Empire for generations, and is imbued with a sense of history. Modern London has retained its ancient heritage and remains the focus of world events. Anyone wishing to understand and explore the origins of Western culture will revel in a holiday in London, where traditional attractions still amaze and astound.

When?  London is famed for its abundance of rain and fog, so an umbrella is a necessity when planning to travel to London on holiday any time of year. The best time to holiday in London is during spring (May and June) when the parks erupt in a profusion of flowering bulbs, or autumn, when the trees turn into golden hues and skies are often a murky blue. The long summer evenings make June and July good months to travel, although public transport can become oppressive on hot days. Winters are gloomy, dark and cold.

Who for?  A holiday in London is enjoyable for anyone and everyone. Families with children can visit numerous entertaining attractions, from the Tower of London with its bloody history to the London Dungeon and Madame Tussaud's waxworks museum or the London Eye with its stunning vistas of the city. Couples can enjoy the restaurants and nightlife, see a West End show, and explore the markets and famous shopping streets.

So.. What do you think about London as a travel destination ?

Some things you don't need to take on a trip

pacific suitcase
1. First of all Do not wear many clothes that you will not use. Do not take 5 suitcases for three day trip or your entire wardrobe with you, unless you intend to be changing every minute. Carry only the necessary clothing.

2.If you are going to spend the nights in a hotel, you don't have to take any towels or soap with you. There are such things in the hotels, so it's not necessary to take some of this things with you.

3.Uncomfortable clothes such as jeans. Especially if you're heading to the mountains, jeans are the worst clothing. They are uncomfortable when walking in the mountains, making you immobile and thus slowing down the whole group.

4.Heavy makeups. Well, still you go on a journey, not a fashion show.

5.Cosmetics and jewerly. You simply do not need that kind of stuff. You can easily lose some of your jewels for example (personal experience).

To sum up, wear only the most necessary to be able to fully enjoy the journey.

вторник, 31 януари 2012 г.

Shopping online

Online shopping is becoming the world's prefered way for purchasing goods.I've got to admit that it's a really great and easy way to purchase something without even getting out from home, but I had this annoying situation last day.I was going to buy something from an online store. I have done everything I had to and than suddenly an error blocked my order.It said that there was a 3D secure scan in the site and I just couldn't pass it.I have tried a few more times with different cards, and everytime the same error occured. Then I have sand them an email and asked why is this hapening and why can't I pass this secure scan, and the have told me that I should ask my bank and tell them about it, so they can fix the problem. When the bank answered me, they said that they don't know what this 3D secure scan is and how they can help me, so I just quit.

Can someone tell how to fix this kind of problems, and give any advises?

Summer entertainments ideas

If your summer vacation is boring and you does not want to sit all day at the computer I will offer you some ideas for entertainment. I've been in this position and it's not fun at all . So let's get started ..

1. One of the first ideas that come to mind when there is nothing to do in the summer is to go to the beach with friends.
If there is no one to go, you can always go alone and meet new people.

2.Else I can think of is to have a picnic in the mountains. In the summer heat is a very good decision to spend a great day.

3.If you like cycling, here's an idea that is one of my favorite because I definitely like riding a bicycle. Find a friend or two, choose a destination, but is best when there is none.Me and my friends most often choose those places where we can cool when we arrive, such as a river, because cycling under the hot sun is not the most pleasant things.

4.Or you can always indulge in rest during the day and evenings go out with friends to a disco or a club. This is the preferred way to spend a vacation from my friends

5.I also like to go fishing, play football or go swimming, and all things ordinary people do.

So tell me how do you prefer to spend a vacation?